About Us

Because helping patients is our top priority, our long-term goal is to disseminate the medical knowledge in our

community to overseas healthcare professionals who want to augment the healthcare available to their patients

at home.

Massachusetts Medical International is headquartered in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, Massachusetts.

We are an international medical service institution with established partnerships between world-renowned US

hospitals and Chinese medical facilities. Longwood Medical Area is the world’s leading medical research hub,

featuring a plethora of top-tier hospitals and biomedical research institutions. The services we provide

through our partners include: remote diagnosis, medical treatment, and professional training for

hospital management and physicians from China.

Mass Medical International is a global patient advocacy and physician education firm. Our partnerships with

US and Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals give us access to some of the best health care practitioners

and facilities in the world. Our platform allows us to serve as the go between for Chinese patients and their US

health care, either providing overseas treatment concierge patient services, or connecting patients with our

partnered physicians for a remote consultation. Chinese physicians can access the best healthcare and health

management knowledge and strategies through our exclusive programs. With a long term, patient-centered goal of

improving access to quality healthcare, our firm aims to provide top tier customer service and patient relations

in all of our business verticals.