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Medical Second Opinion

Our patients find that seeking the expertise and professionalism of US physicians can help to shed light on what may be a difficult diagnosis. Luckily, the hospitals call on only their best and brightest physicians to deliver consults.

Our skilled team in China works with patients to gather the most recent and relevant information. Each case has unique requirements to be a successful remote consult. We make sure that all necessary medical records and materials are in our hands before turning over a case for review.

Our experts review each case with great care and attention to detail. Our streamlined, internal process involves translating medical materials from Chinese to English and back again without losing any subtle nuances in the language.

As our Medical Second Opinion case number continues to grow, we gain more and more invaluable insight into the Chinese healthcare situation.With over 80% of our patients presenting oncology cases, our team has amassed vast stores of information on specific treatment plans and standard of care regimens available in the US and in China.


▶ Boston office: 1 Harvard Street, Brookline MA, 02445

▶ Beijing office: Room 2312, South Silver Tower, No. 2 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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