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Training Programs

Most groups come here looking for clinical observerships, healthcare management programs, and clinical research opportunities.

Our focus is to communicate directly with each of our clients, assess and understand their specific learning needs, and then match them with the best possible trainer in the most robust department available.

We have collaborated in candidate identification efforts for clinical observership programs with Tufts Medical Center, with Harvard Medical School for their Harvard Quality and Leadership Program, with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital for a Robotic Surgery Program, as well as with other Boston area hospitals for various training programs.

As much of our work is done directly through the Provincial-level Health and Family Planning Bureaus in China, we deeply understand the training requirements of our doctors. Quality programs are our specialty.


▶ Boston office: 1 Harvard Street, Brookline MA, 02445

▶ Beijing office: Room 2312, South Silver Tower, No. 2 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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